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Provence Travel Diary | Day 4
Provence Travel Diary | Day 4
Posted at Aug 24th at 05pm 
in Insider 
by Larissa Cairns 

We have now been at The Linen Works week-long headquarters in the South of France for four days, and each have found our own favourite hidden terraces and courtyards to work our days. Shaded little spots with a warm soft breeze passing through where peace is only disturbed by the offer of yet another cup of tea - some things don't change! 


Our kitchen window looks south across sun-kissed vineyards towards the ruined town of Gordes, a medieval village with white and grey stone houses that clung tightly to the base of cliffs and where we visited one late afternoon to get the ingredients for the recipe to follow. 
Local shops in countryside Provence are filled with distinctive ingredients, wild mushrooms, garlic and basil sauce 'Pistol' and baskets of fresh figs, that collectively make the food from this part of France so memorable.
Looking through recipe books, the use of olive oil instead of jugs of buttery cream is certainly noticeable when compared to other regions of France and so is the emphasis on vegetables instead of meat.
Our meal was completed by a simple caramelised peaches served with mint and vanilla ice cream, as we once again quietly admired the views from our veranda to be wakened only by the crack-crack of a competitive game of pétanque that followed.
It is hard to imagine a more breath-taking retreat for The Linen Works team. We have two more days until we move back to London. But before our inescapable return, we will be photographing in this idyllic location our new spring/summer 2017 collection which we can't wait to share with you in the months to come. 
Larissa x 
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