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Banish the Winter Blues
Banish the Winter Blues
Posted at Mar 6th at 12pm 
by Larissa Cairns 

With the current chilly weather set to persist for a little while longer, a bath is one way to banish the winter blues. It also has a symbolic quality – rinsing away the old week, and gently pushing you into the new one scrub-faced and detangled and with a figurative bow in your hair.


Enjoying a long hot soak in the bath can work wonders for one’s mental and physical state and is the antidote to the rushed, early morning weekday shower.


Add a large dollop of essential oils, my favourite is Susanne Kaufmann’s Calming Herbal Whey Bath helps to relieve tension, promoting an effective night’s sleep. Candles, a book or music and possibly a glass of something chilled are all additions that will turn your bathroom from the mundane into a personal sanctuary in your own home.



With all the senses embraced, sit back and relax. It is just you!


When the time comes to finally return to normality, step out and dry yourself with a linen waffle towel; softness and absorbency being their main merits. Prolong the luxury a while longer by enveloping yourself in a linen bathrobe. So take the time to recuperate and unwind and look forward to spring! 




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