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Happy Home
Happy Home
Posted at Jan 7th at 01pm 
by Larissa Cairns 

January is the right time to get energised and create the living space you’ve always wanted. Each room in your home should emanate positivity and happiness – the best way to start the New Year! The Linen Works team has put together some inspiring interior design ideas on how to create a happy home.


1 | Light
Natural light is important to our mental health, ensure your home has the best light it can get


2 | Edit 

Minimise and de-clutter to reduce ‘mess stress’


3 | Memories

Put the things you love on show. Each time you see it it’ll make you feel happy


4 | Original
Unique touches is a reminder that your home is one of a kind


5 | Symmetry
Studies show that our brains love symmetry and gives off a sense of calm…



6 | Classic
As the saying goes, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’.

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Image Credits:  The Linen Works Remodelista / yellows / 
betterhomesandgardens /  / mylusciouslife 


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