The Great Hideout!

The Great Hideout!

Posted by Larissa Cairns on

This easy-to-make circular hideout canopy is the perfect addition to any children’s bedrooms and nursery. Great for children to hide away and great to store all those endless toys..


Because this is made of a light linen material, it allows the child to stay comfortably cool this summer.



You’ll Need:


  • A large embroidery hoop
  • A few metres of linen: you will need 3 widths of fabric x the desired height.
  • 3 large pieces of twine


What to Do:


  • Start by cutting a long piece of linen about 5cm wide and wrapping the entire embroidery hoop to hide the wood.
  • Now sew a simple hem on each width of the remaining fabric, making sure to fold and sew a 10cm loop on one end. This is to ensure it goes through the hoop, just like a curtain would throw a pole.
  • Insert the sewed curtains through the hoop.
  • Cut three large pieces of twine and tie one end of each rope to the hoop so you have three ropes hanging from three different spots on the hoop, then take all three sections and connect them together at one point above the hoop and tie them together.
  • You can now hang it from the ceiling on a strong hook.


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