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10 Ways To Sleep Better
10 Ways To Sleep Better
Posted at Nov 22th at 04pm 
in Taste 
by Larissa Cairns 

As the weather continues to grow cold, the idea of a lie-in sounds divine doesn’t it? Over the past few weeks I have heard many people say that they have been sleeping, BUT haven’t been sleeping well. It is that all familiar feeling of waking up and still feeling exhausted...


This Sunday, the clocks turn back 1 hour, which means we will see more light in the morning. So it is vital that we really crack on and find out how we can sleep more soundly.


Here are our tips on 10 Ways To Sleep Better:


Listen to your body. Sleep and wake within the same time frame. Try to stick to a regular sleep schedule and choose a realistic bedtime that works for you.


Linen Laundry Bag


Create an environment that is relaxed and calm. Keeping a tidy bedroom sanctuary allows the mind to feel ready for bed.


Linen Goose Down Duvet


First things first, your pillow should have the right amount of support. Mattress toppers can greatly increase your comfort levels and ensure your duvet is just right for the season. All of these elements are crucial to sleeping through the night comfortably.  


Linen Pyjamas Dove Grey


Too hot? Too cold? Waking up in the middle of the night is frustrating. Like a second skin, the natural fibres of linen help to regulate body temperature. It absorbs moisture in the heat and retains body heat in the cold. Just one of the reasons why our bedlinen is so heavenly.


Linen Tablecloth


Allow your stomach to rest. Try to not eat heavy meals (especially proteins) before heading straight to bed. Keep a few hours for digestion after dinner so your body can rest well overnight.


Daily exercise does wonders. Exercising helps to burn off energy and leads to deep sleep. Nothing too strenuous before bedtime. Relaxing exercise such as yoga really helps to promote good sleep.  


Linen Duvet Cover Cassis Rose


Turn it all off. We all have the habit of checking emails or social media before bed. The light that emits through all of our devices stimulates the brain, best to switch off at least 40mins before. Let your body know it’s time to sleep.


Bed Linen Classic White | Linen Throw Charcoal


If you share a bed, some say separate duvets can make a difference. Let’s say you sleep next to a duvet hog then it is always wise to keep a linen throw at the end of the bed just in case you need that extra coverage during the night.



Stress can be a huge cause for interrupted sleep. Before you drift off, write down tomorrow’s To Do list. This helps to relieve any anxieties you may have. Even if you wake during the night, just write down what you are thinking and let your brain rest.


Linen Flat Sheet Cassis Rose


Set the mood. Turn the lights down low before bed to encourage sleepiness. Also ensure your curtains allow natural light to come through in the morning, this tells your brain it is time to wake up.

We hope some of these tips will help you sleep better. To create your perfect sleeping sanctuary, please click here


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