Pancake Day Delights

Pancake Day Delights

Posted by Larissa Cairns on

Pancake Day always brings a diminutive hint of excitement. Childhood memories of being perched over the cooker in anticipation are savoured, when waiting for a fluffy stack of perfectly shaped pancakes to be served by the chosen 'chef' was a relished moment like no other.


A day originally derived from the need to use up everyday ingredients before observing the fast for Lent, there's more to Shrove Tuesday than simply challenging others to create the perfect pancake form. The curation of these delectable delights also offers the chance to take time out from routine to gather with friends and family at one's desired pace - something that admittedly brings us joy year after year.


Exploring new pancake ingredient options and fillings is also a favourite pastime; from citrus and spice to gooey Gruyere, there’s humble and healthy alternatives with Buckwheat, for example, that are just as delicious. Here, we share our three favourite recipes this year, guaranteed to tickle your taste buds and unleash creativity in the kitchen…





Recipe: Nicky Clinch



Recipe: Jamie Oliver



 Recipe: Anna Jones


The Secret Ingredient: Pure and practical linens are a wonderful addition to Pancake Day.

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